Vision and Values

“retra is the reliable and respected voice of electrical retailing. We enable our members to provide the best quality service to their customers by providing top rate industry services and representing our members’ interests.

retra puts members first
We represent members’ interests fairly and ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to contribute to retra policy
We provide value for money
We clearly communicate the work that we do on behalf of our members to industry
and government bodies
We actively demonstrate understanding of members’ priorities
We have a passion to succeed on our members’ behalf

We achieve this by..
Establishing close relationships with members, keeping abreast of their business activities and actively seeking their feedback
Recognising and reacting to threats to members’ businesses
Building trust with members’ representatives
Controlling expenditure and managing costs with care
Providing sound advice and support
Growing membership to increase our financial stability

retra behaves with integrity
We remain objective and as such are not affiliated with any political organisation
We are trustworthy and honest with members and colleagues
We listen to and consider a wide range of opinions
We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and are accountable for them
We ensure that company policies are applied fairly and consistently to everyone

We achieve this by..
Treating data and business information confidentially, and using appropriate processes when dealing with sensitive information
Taking all necessary measures to protect our members’ reputations when seeking third party advice
Lobbying for the retra position without regard for our personal views
Behaving in a consistent manner, keeping commitments and being honest

retra embraces open communication
We work closely with our members in an open and collaborative way
We anticipate and respond to members’ changing needs
We recognise that our best asset is our people and we identify where and how they can contribute to decision making
We trust our colleagues, openly share information and recognise the value of our
colleagues’ knowledge, experience, judgment and opinions

We achieve this by..
Creating and continuously updating communication processes
Taking responsibility as individuals for communicating with others
Thinking clearly about how we communicate and always considering perspective of
our audience
Using email responsibly as well as avoiding bad practices and negative exchanges
Respecting situations where communication must be restricted

retra is always professional
We are the face of retra and will always present ourselves in an appropriate and professional way
We produce work of the highest quality
We always treat our colleagues with respect
We support professional and personal development in the workplace

We achieve this by..
Demanding the highest standards in punctuality, preparation, commitment to action and presentation
Respectfully using the resources provided to us
Making positive contributions to each other’s professional development
Respecting the flexibility provided by retra’s approach to work life balance

We work together

We collaborate and share knowledge in order to achieve our common goals
We are co-operative and flexible
We support and trust the thoughts and opinions of our colleagues
We recognise and respect others’ achievements and successes
We strive to be innovative and creative in the work that we do

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