Service Division


retra is the UK’s leading trade association for independent electrical retailers and servicing organisations. retra members cover all sectors of consumer electrical and electronic products as well as connecting customers to network signals or utilities. Members have undergone various checks to ensure they meet retra’s best practice ethos.

retra is a positive collaboration of members and industry related participants, whose like-minded approach is based upon high standards of workmanship and working practice, achieved through qualification, accreditation and a common code of conduct.

Who is retra for?

retra is an inclusive Association that treats all members equally.

It welcomes manufacturers, service companies, retailers, training providers, network specialists, engineers, individuals and others who wish to participate in raising the industry’s profile through a credible official body.


We use retra expertise to represent the following sectors:

Electrical/Electronic Brown Goods

White Goods

PC and Digital

Camera and Phone

IT Installation and support

Signal Reception and Home Networking