retra has highlighted the important role of servicing and has backed the work of the Household Electrical and Electronic Servicing Training (HEEST) Forum, which has launched the Trailblazer apprenticeship scheme.

Howard Saycell, retra’s chief executive, said that with the price of products increasing, it may be more logical for consumers to consider having goods repaired rather than buying new.
He said: “If servicing becomes once again a cost effective option for the consumer then it stands to reason that more of them will look at that option.”
Under the Trailblazer apprenticeship scheme, the engineer will install and service a range of domestic and/or commercial equipment. And the rise in smart technology has brought the installation and service requirements of these products together.
Mr Saycell said: “To meet the needs of smart products, it is essential the engineer is IT literate and has an understanding of all aspects of connectivity.
“Technology is developing at a rapid rate and the range of products requiring the engineers skills will expand and require the engineer to maintain and update their knowledge and skills to meet the future needs.”
In the current issue of retra’s Alert magazine, Steve Williams, chairman of the HEEST Forum, said: “HEEST is securing the future of electronic training in our sector.”