T21 Extends Industry-wide Survey on Training

Added: 8th August 2019

T21 Training, associate Retra members and authors of our e-learning platform, have extended their survey asking electrical retailers to submit opinions on training services within the industry and we'd like to urge all Retra members to take part if you haven't already done so.

Says T21’s Managing Director, Paul Laville, “Given the changes we’ve seen in the retail industry recently,  we felt it was time to take a new snapshot of retailers’ feelings and attitudes towards training. We want to know how retailers feel about not just sales training but also manufacturer product training. It would be great for us and the manufacturers to know what retailers actually want from their training, so that we can all deliver a more effective service and do our best to help strengthen the industry we love. There have been a lot of changes recently in the way that training is delivered. Technology in e-learning has accelerated and mobile media is more widespread and accessible than ever – which means it’s easy to commit to training on the move. But is e-learning preferred over traditional face-to-face training? Do retailers see it as more or less effective? And what are retailers’ previous experiences of training – has training changed the business for the better or has it made no difference at all? It would be great if we gained insight from as many retailers as possible.. It only takes five minutes to complete and submit.”

You can take the survey by clicking HERE

T21 will be keeping it open for submissions until the 30th August 2019.