Our brand new IER award winning online training site is now live!

We’ve put together two dynamic new training courses exclusively for retra members, designed to help retail sales staff fully understand the ins and outs of selling with retail finance and a Sales Masterclass.

Incorporating ten specially-filmed training videos, the courses are packed with useful tips, step-by- step guides and a wealth of downloadable content for offline use. Each course is comprised of short modules which will take around five or ten minutes to complete and which can be accessed on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Aimed at new starters and experienced hands alike the retra training is the perfect way for sales staff to refresh their skills and learn how to successfully sell retracare service plans with confidence and authority, and to easily understand all the variations of each of the finance plans we make available to our members. Staff will also be able to practise filling in the online finance application forms before they go in front of customers, minimising the risk of mistakes through inexperience.

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To register your place on our training all you have to do is click on the link below and enter your details into the registration page that will open. You’ll also need to enter your retra membership number for verification so please have that to hand.

Each member of staff who takes part in the training will earn retra certificates for successful completion of the courses they enrol for.

Retail managers will also have access to a valuable admin page which generates reports and instant snapshots of your staff’s progress towards successful completion.