Hitachi Partner Finance

Industry-leading retail finance

For many years Retra has been collaborating with Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, the UK’s leading retail point of sale credit provider, to make finance packages available to all our members. 

Retra Members will have access to Hitachi’s online finance application which keeps the process simple, secure and time-saving, with most applications returning an immediate answer. 

Retra Members can view the latest rates for packages such as Interest Free Credit, Buy Now Pay Later and Interest Bearing Credit via the Retra Members’ Portal.

Hitachi Partner Finance

Essential Training

Offering finance is a great way to enable more customers to purchase the essential and desirable technology products they want right now, but it has to be presented to customers in the right way. To aid compliant selling of finance to your customers we’ve put together a comprehensive e-learning course onto which you and your sales staff can enroll as part of your Retra membership.

Featuring exclusive training films, quizzes, badges and certificates, our interactive modules provide your sales staff with expert guidance and advice on how to offer a range of finance packages to suit your customers. You can access the training on your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone and each module will take only a few minutes to complete.

Access to our e-learning portal is exclusive to Retra Members, so join us today and start taking advantage of this fantastic training resource.

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