About retra

retra is the UK’s leading trade association for independent electrical retailers and servicing organisations.We also represent our member’s views and interests at a national level, maintaining dialogue with manufacturers, Government and other key organisations in supporting our member’s needs.

Formed in 1942, for the benefit of Independent Electrical Retailers, we represent more than 1,100 members, operating from over 1,600 outlets in the UK today. Our members include domestic electrical retailers, service engineers, custom installers, computer stores and electronic music shops.We provide our members with a range of benefits, industry information and business advice.

Originally known as the Radio & Television Retailers Association(RTRA), the Retracame into being following the merger of The Register of Radio and Television Retailers Ltd,the Wireless Retailers Association, the National Association of Radio Retailers and the Music & Radio Distributors Association with an agreed goal to represent the interests of retailers.

These enthusiastic dealers formed to create the first RTRA Council under the Chairmanship of Mr J.H.S Smith, convinced that the agreement to have one national body would safeguard the future of radio retailers. Today Retra is still supported by a Council which continues to be made up of representatives of the Radio, Electrical and Television Retail industry.

Meet the Team

Howard Saycell

Howard Saycell

Chief Executive Officer

Howard joined retra in 2012 having spent over 30 years with major brands in the electronics industry.
Initially working as Development Director, he was made Deputy CEO in 2013 and took over as CEO in 2015.
Following the retirement of Bryan Lovewell. He is also CEO of retracare , the associations warranty business.

Matt Sheldrake

Matt Sheldrake

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Matt Sheldrake was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Retra/Retracare on 1st June 2015.
Matt joined Retracare in April 2013 as Commercial Director
Matt previously spent 13 years in Banking Financial Services, holding various senior positions including Regional Director, Area Manager, Senior Bank Manager and qualified Financial Planning advisor.

Ian MacDonald

Ian MacDonald

Business Consultant

Ian joined retra in 2005, having worked in retail finance for 25 years.
Ian in his capacity of Business Consultant, will be your first point of contact, and will liaise with retra Head Office on your behalf. Ian also provides in-store “Finance and Warranty” training sessions for members staff.

Vision & Values

retra is the reliable and respected voice of electrical retailing. We enable our members to provide the best quality service to their customers by providing top rate industry services and representing our members’ interests.

To represent the interests of and provide a voice to independent electrical retailers.

  • Influential
  • Collaborative
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Dynamism
  • Innovation
  • Professional Ethics

retra Board


Robert HughesChairman

Graham ToddChairman Elect

David ParkinsonLarge Retailer/Multiple

Paul MeadSmall Retailer/single

Kevin HerringRental

Graham RussellSmart Home

Andrew O’GormanInternet

Ross PalmerCo-opted

Council Presidents

2015J. Hutchinson

2013 – 2014S. Barrett

2011 – 2012A. O’Gorman

2010S.A Norman

2009S.R Barrett

2008R.J Hughes

2007P.D Mann

2006J. Hutchinson

2005G.M Todd

2004S. Craggs

2003A. O’Gorman

2002S.G Smith

2001M. Marshall

2000H. Vidler

1999J. Hutchinson

1998J. Clough

1997B. McPherson

1996C. Keeble

1995D. Milner

1994D. Williams

1993J. Townhill / D.Williams

1992F. Smith

1991R. Farmer

1990D.J O’Gorman

1989L.J Tyler

1988G.D Fortune

1987P.G Fletcher / G.D Fortune

1986M.R Peters

1984 – 1985J.B Pattison

1983G.I Knight

1982G.F Benfield

1981M.R Peters

1980J.F Hickling

1978J.P Jacques

1977G.C Plowright

1976C.H Seymour

1975H.W Page

1974R. Thompson

1973R.F Axon

1972R. Price

1971R.H Williams

1970A.J Jackson

1969E. Fairbrass

1968B. Profitt

1967B. Braithwaite

1966S. Hetherington

1965H.T Horner

1964K. Turner

1963A.R Mitchell

1962A.C Butterfield

1961R.J Piercy

1960S.R Burbridge

1959R.C.H Walton

1958D.C Lazenby

1956 – 1957F.C Woodward

1955W.R Stone

1954T.R Priest

1953C. Lister

1952W.E Potter

1951T.R Lascells

1950F.J Smith

1949G. Michelson

1948C.R Sponge

1947C. Stephenson

1946R.R Day

1945L. Hall

1944H. Nightingale

1943R.C Gilbert

1942J.H Smith

Moments in Time


Dec 31


Jan 18

We launched our new website

Dec 31

John Hutchinson was retra’s last President. Robert Hughes took over as the first Chairman.

Jan 01

Howard Saycell was appointed CEO and Matt Sheldrake Deputy CEO

Nov 23

Retracare officially launched – Replacing Retra Insurance Services Ltd

Nov 23

Retra Insurance Services Ltd relocated from Ferndown to Bedford

Jan 01

Bryan Lovewell appointed as retra Chief Executive

Jan 01

Mark Hayward appointed as retra Chief Executive

Jan 01

Fred Round appointed as retra Chief Executive

Jan 02

Ian Andrews appointed as retra Chief Executive