Code of Practice

This Association has traditionally required a high standard of commercial and technical competence amongst its members providing consumers with quality services.

Retailers in retra are conscious of their obligations to consumers and continue to meet them willingly as part of a standard of good retailing. One of the pre-requisites of membership of retra is that retailers should provide adequate information and a reasonable display for any products sold.

While in the vast majority of cases, the sale and servicing of electrical and electronic equipment is performed accurately, promptly, courteously and effectively, this Code of Practice has been drawn up by retra to govern the conduct of members in their day to day dealings with consumers.

The efficient operation of this code is also dependent upon the support of manufacturers and others in the supply of products, spares and service facilities.

The retra constitution contains provisions for the enforcement of the Code by the Council of retra. In the event that a member’s behavior to a consumer is proved to the satisfaction of the Council to have fallen below the standards set by the Code, the measures which may be imposed are a warning or termination of membership of retra pursuant to the provisions of the Bye- Laws of the Association.

There is an identity of interest between the consumer and the responsible retailer to receive and to give good service before and after sales. That service should be efficient, reliable, courteous and fair.

The purpose of this Code is to set out the principles that members of the Radio, Electrical and Television Retailers’ Association shall adopt to achieve that end and to provide a conciliation procedure for use, if necessary.

The Code of Practice applies to Consumers, that is people who are buying for purposes not related to their trade, business or profession.

In addition to traditional retail premises, the code applies to retailers using Distance Selling techniques, (Via Internet, telephone, Fax, catalogue)

The Code does not detract or attempt to detract from the legal rights of consumers.